Please Keep Your Trash Bins Clean and Graffiti-Free!

As San Francisco Public Works expands efforts to keep Chinatown clean, we need your help. We
want to remind business and property owners of the code requirement to keep refuse bins
clean and graffiti-free.

To help you get a fresh start with the black, blue and green bins, Recology has agreed to swap
out bins tagged with graffiti for new clean ones as one-time courtesy. In return, you need to
keep the bins looking good by washing them and removing graffiti on a regular basis. Failure to
do so could result in a $250 fine, under Public Works Code 173e.

In addition, if you have overflowing bins, that may mean you do not have sufficient refusecollection
service and may require larger bins. Or, you may need to sign up for Recology's lock
service to keep scavengers from rummaging through the bins and leaving trash on the ground.
We are happy to assist you in finding the right solution. Contact Public Works for more
information: 415-641-2635.

We appreciate your partnership in keeping the historic and vibrant Chinatown neighborhood
clean and beautiful. Together, we will succeed.

為了讓您能夠得到潔淨的黑色,藍色和綠色垃圾桶,垃圾公司Recology 已經同意將已被塗
根據“工務局條例”第173e 條的規定,您有可能面對250 美元的罰款。
桶。此外,您可以跟Recology 垃圾公司登記加鎖服務,以防止露宿者在垃圾桶中亂翻,並