Per Tyler Gamble Interim Communications Director for @SFWater

@SFWater has received a water quality complaint from a Sunset neighborhood resident. At this time, we have no evidence of any water quality issues with #SF’s drinking water and we have not received additional complaints. However, we take all water quality complaints seriously and we are actively investigating this complaint. Based on social media reports, it appears that the resident used a home testing kit to test her water after believing it to taste different from how it normally tastes. Right now, our water quality team is attempting to contact the resident to determine what type of test kit was used, identify the water source used for the test and perform official water quality tests.

We regularly collect and test water samples from reservoirs and designated sampling points throughout the system to ensure our water meets all federal and state standards. Last year, @SFWater conducted more than 101k tests. More here:

UPDATE 10/18/18 1:34PM

SFWater's independant testing has been completed for the Sunset District. No signs of pesticides were found.

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