All businesses (including Independent Contractors) operating in the City and County of San Francisco for seven days or more are required to register their business with the Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector.

Notice sent to taxpayers directing them to:

TTX Business Registration Requirement webpage will require taxpayers to respond using Correspondence ID located on the upper right-hand corner of notice.
Taxpayers must either:

  1. Register as a New Business (with Correspondence ID)
  2. Declare they are already registered and provide their Business Account Number (with Correspondence ID)
  3. Declare does not conduct or no longer conducting business in San Francisco (with Correspondence ID)
  4. Register as a Business

Answering “Yes” to any Nexus question below will require the taxpayer to register as a new business.  
Note: Taxpayer enters the Correspondence ID on the new business registration application.
Does this business:

(Nexus Question can be found on this link)

  1. Liquidate businesses when the liquidators thereof hold themselves out to the public as conducting such business?
  2. Maintain a fixed place of business within San Francisco?
  3. Exercise corporate or franchise powers within San Francisco?
  4. Own or lease real or personal property within San Francisco for business purposes?
  5. Regularly maintain a stock of tangible personal property for sale in San Francisco?
  6. Employ or loan capital on property within San Francisco?
  7. Solicit business within San Francisco for all or part of any seven days during one fiscal year
  8. Perform work or render services within San Francisco for all or part of any seven days during one fiscal year?
  9. Conduct business in SF for any part of seven (7) days during the fiscal year, including use of streets?

Declare already registered
Taxpayer must validate their business by entering their Business Account Number.  Once Taxpayers confirms BAN, Taxpayer enters Correspondence ID and submits declaration form.  A signature is required through DocuSign.

Declare does not conduct or no longer conducting business in San Francisco
If Taxpayer answers “No” to all Nexus questions a button to “Continue” will appear.  Taxpayer declares they do not need to register by completing fields and submitting their information. A signature is required through DocuSign.


Do I need to Register?
Business Registration is required for anyone “engaging in business” in San Francisco -common examples are maintaining a fixed place of business, soliciting or performing business for seven days or more, or driving on San Francisco streets for business purposes. Registration can be completed online in minutes by visiting
Every person engaging in business within the City is required by law to conspicuously display a current registration certificate on the business premises. Business registration is required within fifteen days of operation, and is valid from July 1 to June 30th. Registration must be renewed annually by May 31st.

How did you get my information?
This notice follows years of enforcement work, including multiple requests for information and subpoenas to get sufficient data about business operations from Independent Contractors operating in San Francisco.

I misplaced my notice and Correspondence ID?
SF311 will create a service request for TTX to resend Notice of Business Registration Requirement with Correspondence ID.

What is an Independent Contractor?
Independent Contractor is wholly responsible for the manner in which it preforms the services and work and is not an employee of a business. An Independent Contractor receives a Federal Form 1099 instead of a Federal Form W-2 and is directly liable for obligations and payments imposed by federal, state or local law